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Welcome to our Blog!

Our first blog is to introduce you to Little piece of Portugal and tell you a little bit about us. We have two main passions. The first is about this country, Portugal, with its rich culture, traditions, heritage, diversity and beauty.   Our second passion is about Portuguese artisans who continue to keep traditions alive.  Their skilled craftsmanship, handed down from past generations, is apparent in every piece they produce.  Their work is showcased and sold on this platform for you to enjoy using. We also welcome and delight in showing you new and innovative arts and crafts made also in Portugal. That’s why we chose the name of our company. Everything on our site has been made in this country. With your support traditions and handmade products will stay alive for hopefully many more generations to come.

For the love of Portuguese Food

Milena Rodrigues

As one of the founders of Little piece of Portugal, and British, I remember vividly when I arrived in Portugal over 27 years ago, trying to cook, (especially bake) local delicacies. During my recent  research for Little piece of Portugal’s new site, I discovered this lady, Milena Rodrigues, the author of “For the Love of Portuguese Food”.  I was immediately interested for 2 reasons; I love Portuguese food, and Milena’s book is written in English!! No matter how much of the Portuguese language you understand, it’s always easier in your own native language. Then there’s no one to blame if you burn it!!! 

Arroz Doce/Rice Pudding

If you’ve visited Portugal, even once, then returned to your home and wanted to replicate their dishes, this is the book for you.  Or maybe you live in Portugal but don’t feel confident about following Portuguese recipes, then this is the book for you. Milena can also be considered an ambassador for Portugal. She writes so beautifully about her travels, it encourages others to visit. Check out Milena’s facebook page for more information where you’ll find a direct link to purchase her book. Please note that Little piece of Portugal do not receive commission from any sales.

MR Leather Studio

Reproduzir vídeo

When you look at the work of this artisan, it tells you a lot about his personality. It’s filled with colour! Full of life, fun, energy, uplifting.  Of course his skill and passion is apparent also. He loves working with leather and even more, he stitches by hand. All these elements are put together in every piece. You’ll be carrying this energy around with you when you use one of his beautiful works of art.  Watch his video!

José and Ana’s cane

Click on the image to find this beautiful nightingale cane toy in their store.

If you could possibly imagine working with cane, grown in a field, from its raw state, and ending up with a beautiful musical toy….watch this video!

The intricate work involved, and patience, has got to be  admired. From toys to an ashtray to musical instruments, our artisan partners have made stunning pieces which will not only last a liftime, but will bring joy and entertainment to the user and audience.

Click on the image to find this beautiful cane flute in their store.

Welcome to Lagos e-book

If you have ever thought of visiting the Algarve and would like to know a little bit more about Lagos, download this e-book. It can be read on any device. 

The author has lived in Lagos for 27 years and still lives there today. The book was written in the spring of 2020 during the first lockdown due to the global pandemic. Her love of Lagos jumps off the page and penetrates through, almost persuading you to visit the area immediately! She describes life when first arriving and has created 3 walks of interest too.   It’s obviously a magical place. Her book is an authentic moving representation of Lagos and the Portuguese way of life through her eyes.


Fernando’s leather

Take a look at this lovely video taken as part of a tour by Happy Van  This is Fernando. He’s our artisan based in the Algarve. He’s been working with leather for over 30 years although he doesn’t look old enough! It warms your heart to watch skilled craftsmanship. Even though we have mass produced products made and distributed globally, there’s still something very special and much longer lasting about a handmade product. The quality of the raw materials and the precision used to make it is second to none. Fernando’s range of products is exceptional. We have some of his work on our site for you to choose from. Once you purchase an item, you’ll have it for life.

Click on the image to find this product in Fernando's store.