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For the love of Portuguese Food

Milena Rodrigues

As one of the founders of Little piece of Portugal, and British, I remember vividly when I arrived in Portugal over 27 years ago, trying to cook, (especially bake) local delicacies. During my recent  research for Little piece of Portugal’s new site, I discovered this lady, Milena Rodrigues, the author of “For the Love of Portuguese Food”.  I was immediately interested for 2 reasons; I love Portuguese food, and Milena’s book is written in English!! No matter how much of the Portuguese language you understand, it’s always easier in your own native language. Then there’s no one to blame if you burn it!!! 

Arroz Doce/Rice Pudding

If you’ve visited Portugal, even once, then returned to your home and wanted to replicate their dishes, this is the book for you.  Or maybe you live in Portugal but don’t feel confident about following Portuguese recipes, then this is the book for you. Milena can also be considered an ambassador for Portugal. She writes so beautifully about her travels, it encourages others to visit. Check out Milena’s facebook page for more information where you’ll find a direct link to purchase her book. Please note that Little piece of Portugal do not receive commission from any sales.

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